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Indigo Student Transportation Management

Indigo Student Transportation is a division of Indigo Transport Passenger by Bus, a 100% Emirati owned establishment based in Abu Dhabi and focused on providing safe, secure, and affordable student transportation in full compliance with the latest safety regulations established by Abu Dhabi Education Council and Department of Transportation.

At the core, we provide an extension of the school’s arm outside the campus with a tight control over the safety and security of the student as our main priority.

All our school buses are equipped with the latest GPS, CCTV and Smart attendance system along with and a number safety equipment such as engine fire suppressant, door sensors, buzzers, etc. However, what really makes Indigo Transportation a safe and secure environment are our trained and diligent drivers, supervisors and coordinators supported by an extensive list of processes and procedures.

Features Summary:

  • Complete supervision & Management of all students all the time.

  • Maintain highest safety standards.

  • Secure Management of the monitoring data (CCTV Videos, trip logs, etc.).

  • RFID monitoring of each student.

  • School administration, parents, & authorities access to GPS location.

  • Alerting system (i.e. Student boarding the wrong bus, accident, late departures/arrivals, etc.)

  • Regular reports (Live, daily, weekly, & monthly).

  • Dedicated coordinator assigned to handle all requirements.

  • Route planning and optimization to reduce total travel time (75 minutes maximum trip period from 1st student IN - last student OUT).

  • Replacement School Bus within 15 minutes in case of emergency.

  • Regular and random inspection and review.

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Contact us


+971 2 444 3304


+971 55 963 6363



712 Sh. Rashid Bin Saeed Street, #101

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

P.O. Box: 114390

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

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